Stories of Tov

A Burning In My Bones

The Authorized Biography of Eugene Peterson 

By Winn Collier

From Chapter Twelve of A Church Called Tov:

The late Eugene Peterson, well-known translator of The Message and author of some of the finest books ever written for pastors, staunchly resisted the invasion of a business culture into the lifeblood of a church. He was particularly concerned that pastors were becoming leaders, entrepreneurs, and managers rather than preserving their calling as spiritual directors of the faith community. Most of Peterson's books address in some way the need for spiritual formation and spiritual direction, and he seemed to always take issue with the newfangled development of pastors as leaders. He defined the three most important pastoral acts as "praying, reading Scripture, and giving spiritual direction." I've (Scot) never heard a pastor who focuses on the pastor as leader say anything like this. Ever.